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RestWhen people learn how to rest well, they learn how to live well. Rest fills our bucket with the best God has to offer. The result? We have something real and substantial to offer the world. Death by overload is a miserable way to die. There’s a better way and people are hungry for it. In the last 90 days, people from 23 countries have been to the blog to learn about resting well.

Run Hard. Rest Well. Inc. is an IRS recognized nonprofit. We have our first employee (not me) and a remarkably gifted, passionate team. We also have a legal advisor, as well as medical, educational, and research advisors all with MDs or PhDs. God has said GO and we are running the race together with much joy. But this team needs to GROW.

Here are 3 ways you can help:

Pray. Your prayers have carried me, my family, and the RHRW message to the foot of the Throne for years. That must continue. It is the greatest gift you can give.

Share. Do you know people running on empty?  Invite them to join the journey. Word-of-mouth sharing has long been a powerful tool for growth and now with the added muscle of social media it really is an incredible way to help spread the RHRW message. Every time you tell a friend or share one of our posts our efforts are amplified a little more.

Give. As a non-profit ministry your gift to RHRW is tax deductible. It’s challenging, but I find it exciting to invite God’s people to work together to help RHRW gain traction to move full steam ahead. We’ve been given a $10,000 matching gift and so far we’ve reached 62% of that goal. If you are able to give a gift by March 31 it will be matched, dollar for dollar, helping RHRW to go where God chooses to take us. There are 2 ways to give:

  • Visit our giving site  This is a secure, reputable, and easy to use site. You will immediately receive verification of your tax deductible gift.
  • Send a check:
    Run Hard. Rest Well. Inc.
    1596 S. 150 W.
    Albion, IN 46701

Our 2015 goals:

  1. A team launch that is founded on core values reflecting the heart & mission of God.
  2. A world-wide website resource ministry that will grow from 1,000 to 5,000 people.
  3. A new website with new resources!
  4. Introducing 200 leaders in  Indiana to Vantage Point through six retreat conferences this spring and fall. (Vantage Point is an innovative model of wellness – biblical and transformational –  targeting leaders of non-profit ministries, churches and faith-based businesses. To learn more, visit the website soon.
  5. Secure two significant, exciting grants for 2016.

My friends, with joy and in the power of the Holy Spirit, may we run with perseverance the race marked out for us!

Brenda and The Team!

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  1. This sounds like an awesome plan!!! God is so great in His Faithfulness! I am praying for you and your team, so your Blessings become our Blessings! Thank you for sharing with us . Tonya


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