Heart to Heart

thanksgivingGratitude alters intimate relationships. It is a life-giving foundation. It says in neon lights, “I see you. I recognize who you are and how I am blessed by your life and your love.”

Entitlement is ugly. Indifference is even uglier. Taking time to recognize God’s goodness is a gift to me, and it’s a gift to God. It draws me into His presence. It opens the door to a “heart to heart.”

When was the last time you wrote God a Thank You letter? Was it written with pen and paper or was it sent silently and prayerfully? It doesn’t really matter, as long as it stems from a place of gratitude and love.

I’ve had a long run (almost 20 years) of Thanksgiving “Thank You Letters” to God, but this little aspect of my Thanksgiving Celebration has gotten away from me the last couple of years. This week, I will be looking for a quiet corner.

Want to join me? Let’s flood God’s mailbox. I think I’ll start with a psalm of praise. The one I have in mind finishes on a note that is near and dear to our hearts and His.

Psalm 95

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4 thoughts on “Heart to Heart”

  1. I’ve never thought of a thank you letter to God. What makes this idea so awesome is the deliberate action you take to thank Him. As I write the letter, I have to think what I’m writing. It’s not a “by the way” kind of thank You or a simple aside. Yes, I will start a letter now. Thank you.

    • Let’s stuff His mail box to overflowing!
      I wrote mine this morning (Friday) as our household of guests were still sleeping.
      Precious, powerful time!


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