Guard Your Rest

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    • Thank you.
      Thank you!
      We’ve got some particularly hard things going on right now.
      This means a lot.
      Psalm 46 was a gift from God’s heart to mine today!

  1. I just returned from a small wellness retreat that I hosted near Boston. I had one of the *Run hard. Rest well. *books on display, and some of my guests were very interested in it. Are they available for bulk purchase?

    • Good Morning Jacquelyn –

      Yes we do!
      You can visit this page – You can also reach out to Laura coordinates our book distribution.
      We have Spanish and soon-to-be Arabic editions.
      Just last night I got a note from Central Mexico and a photo of a group who is going through Vantage Point and the Spirit is moving.
      Thank you so much for reaching out.
      How and when did you connect with Run Hard. Rest Well.?
      Have a GREAT day!

      • Good morning. I have lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana for several years. At several community events I heard about Run Hard, Rest Well. And, while I was a receptionist for one of my employers, I attended a *Run Hard, Rest Well *day event.

        • Jacquelyn –

          So good to hear. So glad.
          Thank you for Championing Rest in your own life and the lives of others !

          In this together!

  2. Sometimes I find “rest” to be misunderstood. It really isn’t the lack of activity. I can read a book or watch a show and find myself tense and cranky. Sleep surely isn’t rest, especially when you awaken multiple times to empty your bladder or try to get your loving fur baby off your face. So what is rest? For me, in the late night hours (yes, I’m a night owl), when all is quiet and there are no demands on my time, I lie in bed and just let everyone and everything go. I give it to God, then I just visit with my very best Friend. Sometimes I sing to Him (and He never laughs). Sometimes I just talk to Him about how totally Amazing He is. Sometimes, I just lie still in His Presence. A smile comes to my face, and I know that I am loved.

    • Betty – I like your Best Friend.
      And how you meet with Him and find your Rest.
      Your story, your journey blesses me.
      Thank you. Thank you!


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