Good News!

Run Hard. Rest Well. is three years old!

  • Since our inception, 6,200 people have been blessed across 10 states.
  • Each month we minister to 1,300 people around the world through our on-line ministry.
  • As a recognized innovator in wellness strategy (God’s strategy), we won a $25,000 grant to serve teachers (more on this in the weeks ahead) and a $5,000 gift to serve college- age students in 2018.

Together, WE are missionaries to the Winded, the Weary, and the Warriors of God.
As 2018 unfolds, we’d like to invite you to SEND a missionary, BE a missionary, and SUPPORT a missionary.

Connect us with organizations who need this message. Churches, businesses, nonprofit ministries everywhere need the rhythms of biblical rest. Act as a catalyst, a bridge – introducing people to RHRW. Bring RHRW to your town, your church, or your workplace. As you pray about it, perhaps you can help offset the cost. Make a way & pave the way. Contact Brenda any time.

Share your story. Visit the website. Attend a retreat. Invite a friend. Lead a small group through Vantage Point in your neighborhood, church, or work place. Your life, your voice, your leadership makes a difference in the lives the winded and weary in your sphere of influence.

We need to raise a $100 a day over the next 2 years. Would you consider sponsoring a 1 or 2 or more through monthly tax-deductible gifts or a one-time donation? There are three ways to partner with us this year!

  • Send a check to Run Hard. Rest Well. 1596. S. 150 W. Albion, IN 46701
  • Give online from our secure website
  • Email us for an Automatic Monthly Bank Transfer form and how this works.


Since our staff has been back this week from the retreat, we have all had amazing conversations about the little changes we are all making in our daily routines, and our small group time is invaluable. Thank you for inspiring the beginning of these new rhythms, for me personally and for what I already see in my colleagues. God’s blessings – looking forward to hearing from you! Sandy Price

From a 36 year old woman in the Midwest: “Since starting your book in our small group: I spend quiet time outside, I turn off my phone 1 hour before bed, I have not needed medication to fall asleep for the first time in over 2 years!!!! I was a Benadryl and NyQuil addict–true story….every night. I have lost over 3 lbs and sex is better than it’s been in YEARS!!!!!”

Your retreat was spot-on. We’re an organization that values healthy people dependent on God. Vantage Point strengthened the foundation we’ve been building. Just wanted to say thank you. Run Hard. Rest Well is a breath of fresh air. It’s going to go places. Jeff Wilke


Some of the Organizations We’ve Served … local, national and international

WBCL Radio, The Rescue Mission, The Lutheran Foundation, The YMCA, Parkview Community Nurses/Integrative Medicine, Taylor University, Indiana Wesleyan University, Grace College, Huntington University, The Summit, Ambassador Enterprises, Youth for Christ, Brotherhood Mutual, LEAD USA, Gateway Woods, Safe Families, Cross Connections, Common Grace … in addition to dozens of churches, schools, retreats, and regional conferences. ALSO … World Gospel Mission, PLI Leadership, Coaching Mission International, Lutheran Bible Translators, Mission of Christ, The LCMS Foundation, Full Strength Network, and Christian Camp & Conference Association.

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