The Big Top Ten

God keeps things pretty simple for us.  He’s aware of our capacity and our overload.

Recently I stumbled across an attempt to communicate the Ten Commandments to my children when they were little.  After many years, re-reading this twenty-word summation caught my attention and captured my heart.

The Big, Top Ten in Twenty Words                                     

  1. Love God
  2. Prioritize Him
  3. Honor Him
  4. Rest Well
  5. Respect Others – start with your parents
  6. Protect Life
  7. Value Family – begin with your spouse
  8. Take Nothing
  9. Be Honest
  10. Be Content

Rest comes to us in many ways.  Keeping things simple and focused unclutters, and redefines.

How shall we live?

Rest assured, our Lord points the way.


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5 thoughts on “The Big Top Ten”

  1. Made copy of the Big 10 in 20 words. Great. Going to share with my granddaughter who is starting confirmation next year, so will spread to Virginia. Judi Hapke

  2. These are great. Sometimes we just need to simplify what God is telling us. We get bogged down by words. This make the commandments plain. Thank you.


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