God’s Abundance

4 thoughts on “God’s Abundance”

  1. This is great! We are blessed to have God’s abundance!  A great rest time for our family at Lake Powell in the middle of “God’s country” as my kids say, in the middle of no where in Utah, for about 12 days in July. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE BLESSING in the midst of coven craziness.  I had a 2 hour float of “Rest well. Listen carefully. Produce nothing.” in addition to lots of other rest and scripture time; no schedule.  Hope all is well with you & yours! God’s peace!

    Keep your eyes on God,Karen Sue Murdy

    • Oh Karen Sue – What a joy to hear of this precious, precious time off the beaten path.
      May our feet know this path in Utah and everywhere else we find ourselves.
      God is good. God is great – !
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