God Speaks

winter treeWhen God speaks to us through the work of the Holy Spirit, it is both predictable and personal.

Predictable: We hear from the Holy Spirit through God’s Word. We have full and free access to the mind and heart of God revealed in the Truth of scripture. It’s a gift beyond comprehension.

Personal: These Truths of God are spoken into the context of our lives giving guidance, correction and hope in ways that are intimate and personal. This personal attention reminds us that God knows more than my name and the number of hairs on my head. He knows my heart.

God Speaks

Do you see predictable and personal patterns of the Holy Spirit at work in your life?

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4 thoughts on “God Speaks”

  1. I have been a wee quiet this past week. Listening, I have been called to listen. So many people on my mind that I haven’t communicated much with, praying for them. Last week God fattened my bible. My thin teal covered bible was new and shiny two years ago, but now it shows the signs of being well loved. The pages are highlighted, underlined, creased and fluffed from turning every single page from His love. God has fattened my bible, no longer thin,

    I heard a story of women, hearing a call to to the Father, but she didn’t know where to turn. She built an alter in her room, and she prayed. She began to know the one true life that created her, the Glorious Father who has always known her. Through her story I heard a call, build an altar. “Lord I do not build well”. He answered. It is not the physical object he is calling me to build. He wants me to build the altar within my heart, carry it with me everywhere; on my knees to him always now and forever. So now I am quiet listening, hearing him, waiting for the next journey that will bring me even closer to him. It is not about “me”; it’s about Him, gathering His family together.

  2. I have been reading in Exodus a lot lately and have been pricked by the idols. I thought about Moses’ question “Who should I tell them sent me?” Why did he need a Name for God to give to the Israelites? I realized that there were so many gods in their culture that God needed to be defined…different. I thought about all the idols…small household statues that we may not notice…that steal our devotion to God….food, spending… TV…bitterness…self talk….just to name a few. I can’t really eat much, but it’s still a desire….to curl us with a bowl of popcorn, ice cream, mashed potatoes….that’s not God. I don’t watch TV any more. It was eating away at my heart and time. Bitterness? I think I’ve put most of that away. Self talk….ouch. I love that God is so very personal. I love that He leads me in the Word. That He loves me too much to allow junk to clutter my heart. I used to have a lot of knicknacks and the time spent dusting was awful. I put them up and eventually gave them away. The idol don’t even deserve that much respect. God help me let go.


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