God Is Not Unknown

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  1. Yes! I thought of the ways and times I experience Jesus the most. When I go outside, if it is still from the noise of people on the move, I can get still and feel His Presence beside me. In the evenings, when I tired and hurting and the enemy is telling me lies about who I am and how inadequate I am, I can’t think to counteract these with scripture, but the Lord seems to come alongside and place His hand on my shoulder and remind me of the times and ways He’s been there. His peace settles down on me. It almost feels like a child awakened from a bad dream and seeing/feeling the presence of a gentle, strong, loving father. Peace comes as mother or father enter into the child’s moment. And that is what it is, our struggle with pain, exhaustion, meanness, is gone when we call our Father and He comes to comfort, care, and protect us. We are blessed. He comes when we can’t even remember to call Him. He knows. He cares. He provides.


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