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bucketA Bucket List makes memories to last a lifetime. A ‘Go Make a Difference’ (M.A.D.) List shoots for miracles-in-the-making. Our son, Josh, has been compiling a Bucket List this fall, but Josh is much more focused on his M.A.D. List. High-flow oxygen and a 24-hour pain pump (that hangs from a fanny pack) are allowing Josh to get out of the house to make these things happen.

Sometimes when you pray you “get” a miracle. Sometimes when you pray you “get to be” a miracle. Josh is a man on a mission. We pray for miracles every step of the way.

Run Hard. Rest Well. speaks about mission—a mission of passion and purpose.

  • Passion for running our race at a pace set by God.
  • Purpose – catching a glimpse of the unique reason we are alive (each of us) here at this time in history.

It has become clear to me that God set into motion Red Diamond Days for two reasons:

  • To equip people to share a story (Josh’s at this point – but it doesn’t stop there!) of “Faith, Hope and Love” as a way that opens the door for on-going conversation about the power and love of God. At this place of connection, we pray for the Spirit’s loving pursuit.
  • To encourage people of all ages and stages of life to Go Make A Difference.

In the weeks ahead, at the bottom of each blog post, I am going to highlight some of Josh’s Go Make A Difference list. I want to share because we are approaching a season where ministry opportunities abound. Some items on Josh’s list are things only he can do. Some of the things on his list are going to require the help of others. Finding a family for J*** (keep spreading the word!) was the first thing on Josh’s M.A.D. List, but his list keeps growing.

Bottom line – we all have a life to live and thanks to give. Let’s do it together by making a difference.

Do you have a Bucket List? What about a Go M.A.D. list? Where do they intersect? How are you making your lists come to life?

Go Make A Difference

When I was 18, I worked at an orphanage in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico about five hours over the border. Through that connection, we’ve been involved in praying for and supporting the on-going (and ever-growing) ministry called Foundation For His Ministry (FFHM). FFHM focuses on Rescuing Children, Reaching the Lost and Restoring the Needy. Their ministry, now in four locations, provides extensive outreach to the most vulnerable children and adults caught in the grip of poverty. Josh understands his life-time support of FFHM is now limited. Because of this, he’d like to raise up 10,000 prayers and $10,000 for FFHM. (“Josh, how about 1,000 of each?” “No, let’s go for 10,000.”) When you click on ffhm.org you will discover a vibrant ministry dedicated and empowered to do what God has called them to do. The story of God through these people inspire and compel us at every turn. If God lays this dream from Josh’s Go M.A.D. List on your heart, here’s a couple of options …

  • Pray for Foundation for His Ministry.
  • Pop $1 in the mail. Write “Where needed most: 10,000 prayers and $10,000.” in the note on your check. This money will be used wisely. Every cent will go directly to people in need. (address below)
  • Buy an Alternative Gift: When Josh thinks about children in need, tears fall at the thought of them being hungry and cold. $10 buys 100 cups of milk, 50 scoops of peanut butter or 12 lbs. of beans. $15 buys a tarp or a blanket for a family who lives in a cardboard home made from scraps. Visit their website or send a note (with the gift you’d like to provide) and a check.
  • Pray. It’s the number one goal.

From the US:
Foundation for His Ministry
PO Box 74000
San Clemente, CA 92673-0134

From Canada:
Foundation for His Ministry
PO Box 1292, Station M
Calgary, Alberta T2P 2L2

If you’d like to be a part of Red Diamond Days and Josh’s desire to Go M.A.D. feel free to visit RedDiamondDays.com or the facebook page where stories are being shared.

Joshua’s Journey

Many of you know that our oldest son, Josh, is in Hospice Care. It is a new season, demanding new rhythms to embrace the joys and challenges before us. I never know what a week, much less a day might hold. As God allows, there is a team working hard to keep the momentum of this ministry moving forward. They deserve our thanks and encouragement. If you’d like to be a part of Red Diamond Days and Josh’s desire (and encouragement) to “Go M.A.D. – go make a difference” feel free to visit RedDiamondDays.com or the facebook page where stories are being shared. Josh’s “Go M.A.D.” List continues to grow as Thanksgiving approaches. We have life to live and thanks to give.

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9 thoughts on “Go Make a Difference”

  1. Dear Josh, I so love you heart. I can send $10.00 and pray 10 prayers for ffhm. That’s a small enough sacrifice. Our church is raising money for Mission India. So much is needed there also. We are having a “serve the city” day when we, and often other churches, go out and clean and work and do the things our city, school, and everything else just doesn’t have the manpower to do. It makes a difference. It will be after church on the 24th. I can’t do that, but maybe there is a small job I can do during the week. I’m asking about that. I want to make a difference too. Jesus says “Let your light shine.” You are doing that. I hope I can make a small spark from my own life that will encourage other, stronger, brighter lights to shine forth. Maybe we can make a difference and show Christ as He truly wants to be seen. I am so thankful for you and for a family who has raised you to be the Christian man you are today.
    Because of Him, betty

    • Joy!
      Thank you! Thank you for cheering us on as we help Josh run his race. It has been an amazing thing to witness.
      Each day is a treasure and we are meeting so many wonderful people along the way — people like you.

  2. Hi Josh, Brenda, Dakota and the rest of the family!!! We connected and bonded by the power of God when we were at Hospice. I look at the red diamond every day and i think about that 6 days together in Hospice. Josh, you are a strong willed man. The moment i met you and your family i knew you were special and you have loving parents. Like I told you, when I left that day that I love you, keep strong and you can do this…boy, you must have listened to me 🙂 My bucket list is: coming to see you guys…I made a promise and I’m not breaking it. love you all!!! Brenda

    • Brenda,
      You were one of the first people to receive one of Josh’s Red Diamonds.
      We love you, too. Hospice Home is one powerful, special place. Nothing quite like it.
      And to be there and walk out — is something we thank God for as each day unfolds.
      running the race!
      Yes to Bucket Lists!
      Love, Brenda


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