From the Mountain Tops!

The phone call was familiar and affirming. After hearing a woman’s beautiful, “Run Hard. Rest Well.” story of transformation, she sighed deeply. “Brenda, if we (the church) don’t learn how to rest, we’re going to self-destruct. Keep shouting this message from the mountain tops!” 

On July 30, Run Hard. Rest Well. learned that if we raise $30,000 by August 30, it will better position us to receive two grants in 2019 totaling $150,000 – allowing us scale new mountain tops to SHOUT OUT God’s truth about Rest & Rhythm! Each gift given this month, or in 2018 (if you let us know your intent) will more than likely be multiplied 5-fold.

We need 236 partners and prayer warriors to join us this month.  We can do it – together! We need . . .

  • 135 people to donate $75
  • 67 people to donate $150
  • 34 people to donate $300
  • ___ people to give as the Spirit leads – big or small. Each is a treasure in the hands of God.

The “social norm” of chronic overload and exhaustion is a monster in our midst, devouring and destroying everything in its path. Run Hard. Rest Well. is out to equip God’s people to “rise up” (armed with God’s Word and personal transformation!) to slay this monster one heart, one home, one church, organization, community at a time. The battle before us is real, rugged, and pivotal at this point in history. RHRW needs “Aarons and Hurs” to lift our arms –as the Lord battles for the hearts of His people (Exodus 17). 

Three Ways to Partner

  • Partner and pray!  Battle on your knees!
  • Partner through an online gift.    
  • Send a check to:

Run Hard. Rest Well.
1596 S. 150 W.
Albion, IN  46701 . . . . . . . . . . . Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Eyes on Jesus! To the mountaintops we GO – !

Brenda and the RHRW Team

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