For Women Only – and the Men Who Love Them

The pace and overload of 21st century takes a toll on women more than men. The brain science behind this is not only interesting, it is empowering, compassionate, and packed with insights and tools. This 5-minute read is worth the time and energy. Grab a pen and take notes. (There are some large ads in this article. Make sure you make it to the end.)

How Stress Hits Women’s Brains Harder 
Jenny L. Cook
Prevention Magazine – March 29, 2019

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  1. and validating the other person’s feelings,” says Sinha. “So even just saying ‘You’re really frustrated by this’ in a nonjudgmental way is validating and will ease someone’s anxiety.”

    Explain that you feel defensive when he dismisses your experience. “When a partner downplays the significance of something, the person who’s stressed may hold on to it more or feel they have to convince the other person it’s true and that they have a right to feel that way,” says Priem. “You might say, ‘I’m really upset right now, and I feel frustrated when it seems you’re making light of my feelings. It would make me feel better if you’d be more responsive to the fact that I’m upset, even if you don’t understand it.’”


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