Empty Handed No More

This advent you need to know two things about me.

  1. I decorate my house with tape and paper.
  2. I am a lousy gift-giver.

I decorate my house in “early-American” tape and paper – much to the surprise of visitors, and my forever accommodating family. Cards, verses, and quotes mark moments in time when God ministered to me through the kindness of others and I can’t seem to file these treasures away. Out comes the tape and the wall loses one more foot of white space.
For all my attention to words, I am not very good with things. I am a lousy housekeeper (I really am) and I am a lousy gift-giver. I’m not stingy, just routinely uninspired. Once in a while, however, inspiration and energy collide, and I am giddy with the joy of giving THE perfect gift to someone I love or someone God lays on my heart.
Imagine the heart of our Father right now. No doubt He is giddy with anticipation for the gifts He has for His children. He is THE Gift Giver of all time and His inspired generosity will take our breath away, if we let it.
The gift of Jesus comes with specially marked gifts for each of us.
A few years ago, in a particularly desperate time, someone sent me the sign “Take What You Need.” Below it were “rip off” tabs that said peace, patience, understanding, hope, freedom, courage. I loved it. The handmade sign spoke deeply to my heart. It reminded of everything God had for me.
This Advent we need to remember one thing about Jesus.

He is everything we need.

What do you need this Christmas?
Name it out loud, and ready your heart to receive.

Don’t be afraid Luke 1:30
Nothing is impossible with God Luke 1:37
The Mighty One has done great things Luke 1:49
Great news of great joy Luke 2:10
Wonderful Counselor Isaiah 9:6
Prince of Peace Isaiah 9:6

That’s not all. There is Hope. Forgiveness. Joy. Passion. Purpose.
The list goes on.
Close your eyes.
Open your heart.
Visit the Bethlehem Babe, and receive.
Don’t walk away empty handed.

What are you asking Jesus for this Christmas?

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11 thoughts on “Empty Handed No More”

  1. Thank you so much for this email. I love it!!

    I thank God for these emails. I haven’t communicated this until now. God has His time of using your gift in many lives.

    May you be blessed greatly by receiving the greatest gift of “giving to others” all the Lord has given to you!
    We are all blessed by your persevering love for the Savior.

    • Mary –

      Thank you so much.
      We have the privilege of serving 1,300 people from around the world through these devotional thoughts. It is such a joy, but I miss not seeing the faces! Little glimpses like your note mean the world.
      God is good and from this ROCK SOLID place, we have so much to share and tell and celebrate.
      May our hands and our hearts not be empty handed a single day in 2018 and beyond!

      Eyes on Jesus, Brenda

  2. Perfect timing. While we think of “stuff”, our real need is the Holy Spirit’s peace and joy. Housekeeping? Why? It just gets dirty again. Gifts? Well, yes, but who says it has to be on Christmas or any other day. When the Lord prompts, we obey, then! I so needed this reminder. Thank you.

    • Peggy – !
      Praise the Lord!
      Now … let’s do it!
      Let’s lay every care, burden, anxiety at the manger and leave with an overflowing heart.
      Love you!


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