Easter Begins with Tears in Jesus’ Eyes

By Brenda Jank

Luke 19 reminds us that as Jesus approached Jerusalem the week before he died, he wept.

“If you, even you, had known on this day what would bring you peace—but now it is hidden from your eyes . . . (terrible things are coming) . . . because you did not recognize the time of God’s coming to you.” Luke 19:41-44

Jesus wept 2,000 years ago because those he loved did not recognize him nor the peace he had to offer.

Jesus will weep again this week.

His tears will be real, falling from a broken heart, as he sees our failure to recognize who he is and our failure to trade our inner turmoil for the peace he alone can offer. 

What will we do with these failures this week? 

Where will I hang my failure, my inability to see Who he is and all that he has for me?

Where will I hang all my failures? My stubborn ways? My angry outbursts? My distractions and destructive habits?

Where will you hang yours?

Imagine a hand-painted board with a necklace made of rope. 

“Failure” it declares.

Where will you hang this sign?

  • Around your own neck?
  • Around the neck of someone you blame for your poor choices and destructive attitudes?
  • Or will you hang it on the blood stained cross?

When we hang our failure around our own neck, we find ourselves living with despair.

When we hang it on another person, we find ourselves distant, hardened, and resentful.

When we dare to visit the Gethsemane and hang our failures on the cross where Jesus did the unimaginable, we find ourselves at the empty tomb on Easter Morning wrapped in the arms of love.

What plans do you have for this week? 

May it include two things. 

May you anchor your heart to the only One offering the PEACE that brings LIFE.

May you make your way to the cross for the new sign Jesus bought for you with his blood. “FORGIVEN” – “Made NEW” – “Chosen” – ”Dearly Loved”

May this be a celebration that defies our pain, heartache, and loss.

Jesus is alive.


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