Do What Jesus Did

By Brenda Jank

We can learn a lot from Jesus as we step into this new year. We have heard of WWJD – what would Jesus do – but as 2022 launches, let’s encourage each other to DO what Jesus did. Five things come to mind.

  1. Know your limits. John 4:6 tells us that, “tired as Jesus was, he sat down by the well.” Pray for an acute awareness of your need for HARD STOPS. It’s a tall task in this world where “pushing your limits” is applauded and honoring your limits is treated with suspicion. Do what Jesus did.
  2. Engage deeply with the broken. For many of us, this means starting with our own hearts. Jesus’ marching orders were recorded in Luke 4, where he recited Isaiah 61.
    • Proclaim good news to the poor
    • Freedom to the prisoners
    • Recovery of sight for the blind
    • Set the oppressed free
    • Do what Jesus did.
  3. Go to quiet places: closets, hills, deserts, and gardens. Do what Jesus did.
  4. Play and party. Do what Jesus did.
  5. Keep it simple.
  6. Love God.
    • Love people.
    • Make disciples by loving God and loving people.
    • Break a sweat every day and then rest. Rest in a way that honors your Father, feeds your soul, and fuels your go.
    • Do what Jesus did – and enjoy the life he longs for you to live and love.


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