David’s #1 Tool: A Pen

David’s #1 tool was not his sling shot. It was his pen.
74 of the 150 Psalms were written by David. I think those Psalms, inspired by God, might have come from David’s prayer journals. Known as a man after God’s own heart, let’s let this truth sink into our soul. There is power in communing with God, pen in hand.
Tucked under our bed and wrapped in plastic bags are dozens of spiral notebooks. I have been an on-and-off journal keeper for most of my life. In case of a fire, I will try to grab those bags as I run out of the house! They are a testimony of God’s power and Presence in my life.
Truth be told, as opportunities and demands increase, my journal entries decrease. That’s Ok. No guilt or shame in that, but I miss the joy and reward.
I am reviving my commitment to journaling with 3 simple questions and the power of “bullets” – short, tight snippets. It’s good, and it’s working.
Each Morning
As my time with the Lord draws to a close, having met with him in quiet and in his Word, I ask myself 2 questions, using simple bullets for my answers. Sometimes I write more, but I feel no pressure to do so.

  • What did God have for me today? (What treasure is now mine for this day? A Truth. A Promise. Conviction. Tenderness.)
  • What does he want from me today? (How am I to live out this gift? How will it impact my day, my week?)

At Bed Time
A little notebook sits on my nightstand. Not only are we invited by God to live a life of gratitude, researchers now tell us that end-of-the-day-gratitude is a powerful practice to induce sleep. Win – Win! The question is simple.

  • What am I grateful for today? I shoot for a list of 5 or more things. Then I pause and pray, recognizing each as a gift from the Father’s hand and heart. Check out this Psychology Today article on the power of gratitude.

Notebooks are cheap and pens are easy to come by. Pick up a pen today and watch God trace his truth on your heart.

If time allows, peruse one of the articles below about the power of “pen and paper” on mental acuity: focus, memory and learning. It’s interesting stuff.

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4 thoughts on “David’s #1 Tool: A Pen”

  1. Hi Brenda!

    When I read these, I feel like we are chatting like we use to many many moons ago! Somehow I have forgotten that I did use to journal. Will buy one this week!

    May our dear Lord continue to Bless your ministry.

    Love you

    • Oh Elli –

      Many moons ago. Precious time. Precious friendship, sweet friend!
      Heaven. I look forward to all those sweet reunions we will enjoy.
      May Jesus have precious things for you, for all of us — with pen in hand!

      Love, Brenda

  2. I love to journal. I use one finger and an iPad. For many years I held onto the journals, but now I get rid of them. My journals cover the throws of pain, depression, anger, as well as joy, hope and those things God is speaking into my life. Some days are great. Some are not. When I look back on my life a year ago, two, three years, I can see where I was and that Jesus brought me through the storms. I see attitudes that have been unloving are slowly being turned around. I recommend journaling. If I go back and read my yesterday, I see that joy came in the morning. I see that the things meant to bring me harm, God used to my good. I am continually amazed at his love for me in spite of my fear, foolishness, control, oh, the list goes on. Even so, Jesus died, and by His death my sins…past and present…are gone. Beyond that, though my mind remembers, my guilt and shame are also destroyed. Oh, how that lightens the load I carry. To go to Jesus and tell Him my deepest, darkest, most painful struggles, and walk away free and with Jesus loving me still is the most amazing part of my life.


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