Dare to Dialogue


Do you have a longing to be a part of some

thing powerful and irreversible? I do. I have found this desire is met and satisfied through prayer when my focus is not words, petitions or even praise, but when I am focused on and attentive to the Presence of God.

Join us on a 5-part series on the power and purpose of prayer as we revisit the archives from May 2013: Dare to Dialogue

Prayer. Who taught you how to pray?


Help! We’re on our last stretch of collecting real-life questions. I love what’s come in. We’ll dig into these in March. Keep sending them in, whether it’s a question you have or an unspoken question of someone you know and love.

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3 thoughts on “Dare to Dialogue”

  1. I don’t guess anyone taught me to pray. The pastor prayed. The church prayed the prayers written. There was the table prayer. I guess I best learned to pray when I was out of options and had to say “God, I can’t!” That’s when the prayers started.


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