Cross Country

By Brenda Jank

For the first time in my life I flew across the country while not occupying a window seat. More aware of the people around me, I was surprised to discover that the cabin around me was dark and entombed. Virtually all the window shades, on both sides of the plane, were down. In the course of 4 hours, they never went up.

I was flabbergasted.

Flying over the Rocky Mountains about killed me. Except for a brief “up and down” of the shade by my seat mate, I had no opportunity to catch a glimpse of God’s grandeur outside my window.

I was “trapped.”

My captors? 150 people content to live in darkness.

But then I asked myself this question.

How often is my captor me – when I refuse to open my front door and step outside?

When was the last time you stopped to watch a sunset in silence and awe? Caught a lightening bug? Smelled a flower? Watched a falling leaf? Wiggled your toes in the grass or sand?

First time here?

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