Cross Country


For the first time in my life I flew across the country while not occupying a window seat. More aware of the people around me, I was surprised to discover that the cabin around me was dark and entombed. Virtually all the window shades, on both sides of the plane, were down. In the course of 4 hours, they never went up.

I was flabbergasted.

Flying over the Rocky Mountains about killed me. Except for a brief “up and down” of the shade by my seat mate, I had no opportunity to catch a glimpse of God’s grandeur outside my window.

I was “trapped.”

My captors? 150 people content to live in darkness.

But then I asked myself this question.

How often is my captor me – when I refuse to open my front door and step outside?

When was the last time you stopped to watch a sunset in silence and awe? Caught a lightening bug? Smelled a flower? Watched a falling leaf? Wiggled your toes in the grass or sand?

First time here?

5 thoughts on “Cross Country”

  1. What you say is so true. I wish it weren’t. We get in prisons of our own choosing, and we tie ourselves in knots that should never be tied. To look….really look….to see….really see….leaves us open and vulnerable. Our hearts are fragile. What if….we broke down the walls, what would happen? Well, maybe Jesus would offer you/me a chance to play….or rest….or dance. I think I’d like that.

  2. We all need to take time, in our lives to see His work, His beauty.
    I’ve taken time to see His beauty around me, get lost in the moment, and the next thing I know time has traveled by as if I was the one standing still while as universe zipped by.
    I have never felt guilt for getting lost in His beautiful works around, and in me.
    I will forever keep my window shade “up”.

    • Suzanne — We are kindred spirits!
      Today I was captured by the pattern of leaves on the ground after hard rains last night. Stopped. Took it in.
      Laughed out loud at the thought that no one in the world could have guessed that I was actively worshipping, caught in wonder at the scattered leaves at my feet….and the One whose hands painted their color and formed their shape.
      Shades up!


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