COVID-19 – Let’s Make a Difference

An unprecedented opportunity is knocking on our door. 

As believers in Christ, instead of looking in and allowing fear to reign and rule as COVID-19 spreads, how can we look up, look out, and ask the Lord how we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE in real, tangible ways?

– Shopping for food/necessities for an older adult
– Offering child care for parents whose kids are now NOT in school, but they still have to work.
– Listening, supporting, and praying for people who are fighting fear.

Who can you call today – !

Really! Pick up the phone right now. Reach out to people around you or in your neighborhood who don’t know Jesus.

Seize the day – !

AND – then ask 5 other believers to DO the same thing.

– Reach out to a neighbor or two
– Ask 5 other believers to put love into action
– Re-post on social media or email friends and family.

Let’s mobilize and multiply the miracle of love in action.

Let’s be the hands and feet of Jesus – !!

Start TODAY.

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3 thoughts on “COVID-19 – Let’s Make a Difference”

    • Char, Thank you – !
      We are getting touching notes.
      The Body of Christ wants to rise up.
      May we all lift up the phone — as the Spirit leads.


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