Celebrating Freedom

5 thoughts on “Celebrating Freedom”

        • Hi Tabi –

          That is always a loaded question for me.
          Answer: Complex. Beautiful. Challenging. Enlightening.
          They keep me on my knees, but I love them all.
          There is a solid measure of stability these days among most of us.
          Thanking Jesus!
          I could use some prayers. I have carpel tunnel surgery on Friday and my right foot is acting up in some mysterious ways.
          RHRW is growing and it is a joy beyond measure. The team is terrific.

          How are you!

          • i am well…same with fam. ages 13-15-17 right now…trying to keep up with jobs and sports right now. oldest daughter works at subway here in Antwerp…Middle daughter and I are washing dishes at boy scout camp…friday is our last day…taking two online college classes to renew my teaching lisence…trying to keep hubby happy…vbs and band camp next week….looking forward to the routine of school starting back up…thanx for asking

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