Catch Your Breath

By Brenda Jank

Could you use a shot of Quiet and Calm?

Stepping away from the fray opens the door for quiet and calm to have its way within our heart – ushering in curiosity and questions God uses to shape our soul, tend to our weariness, and mend our broken hearts. 

It’s amazing what God can do with 30-minutes of quiet.

Revelation 8:1 speaks of a magnificent moment when “there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.”

Consider a gift of Vantage Point for yourself and those you love – this fall, this Christmas, this New Years.

Make a decision to Step Away into “quiet and calm” through these short, sweet, compelling devotions that will feed your soul and fuel your go. 

Trade chaos and crazy for quiet and calm.

God makes a way.

Place your order here. 
Vantage Point: A New View of Rest, Rhythm, and the Work of God

  • 1 to 4 books     $12.99 per book
  • 5+ books           $10.00 (or less) per book



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