By Brenda Jank

I am running my race for the long haul.

I do not want to be a sparkler – a dazzling, short-lived display of light.

I want to be a campfire – a source of light and warmth for long, dark nights.

The poet, Judy Brown, reminds us what a long-lasting fire requires to build and maintain.

To read her poem “Fire” follow this link,

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4 thoughts on “Campfire”

  1. Bren,

    I loved the poem “Fire”.

    Having had a wood stove for 24 years I know exactly how the space between logs works.
    Oak logs need breathing room,else the fire is smothered.

    This analogy can be applied on many levels. However, it is so very timely and applicable to our need for space between what we do daily serving our neighbor praising God.
    The alternative — work-a hall-icks missing the purpose of our work and the joy in doing it.

    Lovingly, Pop

    • Pop –

      This poem is a goldmine!
      It is not legal for us to print it, but I am so glad you clicked on the link and were capture by its truth from your first hand knowledge of wood stoves.
      It is so powerful.
      I love you.
      Praying for you and mom in this new chapter of your life!

  2. Oh this is beautiful and powerful. What a wonderful image! Thank you for sharing it. I’ve put it in my journal to marinate in it in the days to come.


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