Boots on the Ground

By Brenda Jank

We need your help! We need boots on the ground. We need an army of people committed to impacting teens and families THIS FALL in 300 churches and schools. Are you up for the challenge?

Run the Race  
Equipping Teens and Families to Navigate COVID with Strength and Hope  

This has been an amazing year working with teens, pre-teens, and young adults!
Listen to what a group of 18-21 year olds said when introduced to Restorative Wellness:

Rest is more than sleep and not working. It’s something I want and I need.  
How much everyone around me struggles with the same things I do.
That rest was the first thing God called holy! Wow!     
That I waste too much time. I need to work more and rest more.
The amount of great sleep info you had was wonderful.
It is okay to be tired, but not necessarily OK to do nothing about it.
I can’t give what I don’t have!
Rest is a community commitment.
The church is failing us. 
Why in the world is this not being taught?

Two pressing needs exist and you can make a difference! Right here. Right now! 

    • Kids need HELP. Anxiety and depression are taking a toll among teens, pre-teens, young adults, and their parents.
      • COVID is magnifying the distress. Stress-fractures in the lives of kids and families are growing—rapidly.
    • Run Hard. Rest Well. (RHRW) needs HELP. We invested $40,000 to bring our new, 6-session, video-based program Run the Race for 6-12th graders to life. NOW – we need an army of “Aaron and Hurs” to be BOOTS on the GROUND inviting school and church LEADERS to check out Run the Race.  
      • This fall, can you help us get Run the Race into churches and schools where kids need a message of HOPE and tools that HELP as we enter another year of COVID CRAZY?
      • If not, can you cheer us on with a financial gift this week? Run Hard. Rest Well. pours into the lives of people every day. We serve groups at a fraction of the cost. We generously give away resources, books, and scholarships. (Generosity is one of our core values and it’s a constant cause for joy!) Yet, we only have 90 donors, my friends. To meet the growing demands for this message we need more partners who catch the vision of positioning the Church to be a source of vibrancy in the communities where we serve.
        • $30, $50, $100, $200, $500 – your gift will be used wisely to do what Jesus has called us to do.
        • Donate here
        • Send a check to: Run Hard. Rest Well.   1596 S. 150 W.  Albion, IN 46701

Action Steps – for Today

    • Visit the website! Explore it. Follow the pages to churches, public schools, youth organizations. Catch the vision!    
    • If you see VALUE in this message and sense the impact Run the Race will have on teens and pre-teens, and their parents, will you help us spread the word – intentionally and strategically? 
    • We NEED to impact 300 churches, schools and youth ministries in the 2021-2022 school year. Can we count you in to be a voice of introduction to one, two, or three churches, schools, ministries. Invite others who share a passion for impacting teens and families to also share! Let’s get a tidal wave going!
      • Teachers
      • Relatives and Friends
      • Pastors and Youth Workers

Impact 300

    • Call your pastor, youth director, school principal, and favorite teachers. Invite them to watch one or two of the Run the Race videos and visit the website. NOTE: Run the Race is available in  a Public School Version and Faith-Focused version for Christian Schools and churches
      • Cut and paste the note below to send them the link, but also give them a call -!
    • Offer to pay or off-set the cost of the video series 
      • Churches/youth ministries $149 
      • Public Schools $500 or $1.00 per student (whichever is greater)
      • Families $39
      • The series can be purchased on-line with a credit card or an invoice can be requested.
    • Activate a Thrivent Action Care Team. Use one or more of your $250 cards to purchase the video series, treats, and snacks.  (Invite others to join you and BLESS and ENCOURAGE the students of a public Middle School or High School in your community!)

Boots on the Ground. Hearts on Fire. Let’s combat the rising levels of anxiety and depression in teens and families and GO Make A Difference today!

Here is a “Cut and Paste” Note you can use to send to leaders who work in Christian schools and churches. NOTE: contact me if you would like a Public School version! 


Run the Race 
Equipping Teens and Families to Navigate COVID with Strength and Hope  

Run Hard. Rest Well. champions Restorative Wellness and equips teens, pre-teens, and their parents to thrive in unsettling times. Do your 6-12th grade students know how to capitalize on simple practices that refuel and recharge? Do you? Teach them how, lead the way, and do it together. Navigating seasons of crisis, comeback, and recovery requires the ability to create connection, reduce cortisol, hit pause, and prioritize sleep. These four, Biblical strategies help kids and their families combat anxiety, restlessness, and depression and positions God’s people of every age to flourish.

Action Steps

  • Invest 10-minutes of your time. Visit and follow the page to Video 1: The Power of Pit Stops. Watch it and enjoy. 
  • If you see value in this message, a $149 investment could set your students and their families to navigate this season of life from a place of strength, hope, and joy.   

In this together, we can make a difference through COVID CRAZY – Round #3.

My friends, thank you!

Eyes on Jesus!

First time here?

2 thoughts on “Boots on the Ground”

  1. Thank you! I will pass this information on. Is the price for the Christian school version the same as public? I wasn’t sure if the $149 applied to both churches and Christian schools.

    Blessings, Tami

    • Tami – Thank you for asking!
      Yes – $149 for Christian Schools.
      $149 for Churches.
      We are praying that churches catch the vision of passing the links on to parents.
      It will launch powerful conversations!
      There is also a “Family Version” for $39.
      Tami – may this day be lined with joy and hope.
      There is so much hard going on right now.


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