Bold and Beautiful



When was the last time you ran smack dab into something BOLD?
What about BOLD and BEAUTIFUL?
Today is your lucky day!

The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I lack. (Psalm 23:1 HCSB)

That’s a bold as you get. Read it again.
This truth, taken at face value, is stunning.
Available to all people, at all times – means me. Now! In whatever mess I find myself in, whether of my own making or the poor choice or attitude of another.
I lack nothing.
But . . .
Verse 1 and 2 are a dynamic duo. Kindred spirits, united and entwined.
To release the treasure of verse 1 in my life, I must be convinced, convicted and familiar with the stunning, life-altering, universal truth found in verse 2.

He lets me lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside quiet waters.

Do I follow where he leads?
Will I follow where he leads?
Sometimes he leads me to external/physical places of quiet to “sit and soak” him in . . . to rest.
Sometimes he leads me to internal/spiritual places of quiet to “sit and soak” in him . . . to rest.

This is the secret place where I have everything I need.
And more.

First time here?

1 thought on “Bold and Beautiful”

  1. Yes, sometimes, not often enough. Unfortunately, too often, I allow myself to be distracted by things needed to be done. I become anxious when I have procrastinated and the deadline is now. Usually I can stop the angst when I stop and commit my project, need, struggle, to the Lord. If I lay it down, Hehelps me accomplish what is needed. Still, there can be consequences. If I listen at the beginning of my day and work according to His plan for each day, I find I have more time with Jesus, and my heart is stilled.


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