Are You Battle Ready?

By Brenda Jank

Questions of any kind, but especially good questions, are an underused tool for growth.

A good question, the kind that makes us think, squirm, and hit pause, places us squarely before the face of God.

Are you battle ready?

Do you wanna be?

In addition to learning how to REST strategically – allowing God to feed our soul and fuel our go, begin to ask yourself these four questions.

  1. What did God have for me today?
  2. Whose eternity am I praying for?
  3. What sin needs attention?
  4. Who did I invest in this week?

Two things make us Battle Ready.

  • A rested soul
  • Questions to fuel our GO

Which question is tugging on your heart today?

First time here?

6 thoughts on “Are You Battle Ready?”

  1. Such perfect timing for this!!
    I’m traveling by air today, always a challenge for me physically.
    Now I have some very serious thoughtful questions to focus on!!
    My prayer is to represent Jesus well, even though I’m in a lot of pain.
    Thank you ♡♡

    • Oh the Lord is so very good.
      He fills us. Offers us His best.
      Focuses our attention on gifts to take us to new places.
      May the journey today and in the days to come be joy-filled.
      And His very Presence – invade the pain.
      Praying for you, my friend.


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