Acts 1:8 – Do you know it to be true?

By Brenda Jank

Made in the image of God, we “feel,” “think,” and “act.”

All three are critical to life and Kingdom work.

Depending on personality and influences, we tend to have a bias toward one of these three, although there can be variations depending on the degree of passion we feel toward a topic or activity. 

Spiritually, many live in the realm of “think” or “feel.”

Our faith lives revolve around what we are learning or how we are feeling

Our current mode of discipleship-as-we-know-it (education style – sit and listen) feeds this focus and ultimately tends to not highlight or nurture “action” (with no malicious intent).

The first 11 words of Acts 1: 8 leapt off the page at me today.  “… you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on
you …”  particularly
you will receive power.

Made me think.

Is there evidence of God’s power at work in my life?

Everything needs power.

  • Gasoline powers my car to work.
  • Electricity powers my phone to work.
  • The Holy Spirit empowers me -enables us- to DO the GOOD work God prepared in advance for us to DO. (Ephesians 2:10)

So … Are you powered up?

One of the most effective ways to refuel and recharge the go, do, and act of our Kingdom Work is to strategically hit pause and go face-to-face with Jesus. Feasting on His Word and soaking in His Presence helps me remember that I WILL receive power to do all He is calling me to do today. 

The trio of “think, feel, and act” is powerful and God-ordained. Let’s not have one without the other.

Could your quiet time use a turbo charge? Email us today and ask for Power Up. Short, sweet, and simple – it will be a go-to resource to usher you into the presence of God.

To Him who is able to do more than all we ask or imagine. Onward!


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6 thoughts on “Acts 1:8 – Do you know it to be true?”

    • Thank you, Pop – !
      Yes – the book is phenomenal.
      I have been so blessed by it.
      I have a neighbor who needed the words of hope – so at this very moment, it is at her house!!

  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for this reminder! This is truly a wide-eyed wake-up call for me personally, as I’m sure it is for many others as well! I pray I will be a good follower of Christ as he empowers me to lead others in “doing” his kingdom work.

    • Thank you – !
      YOU just made my day.
      We are so easily distracted. So easily sidelined.
      With guilt-free JOY and purpose-driven passion – let’s remember that every day HE fills us up so we can pour out something precious and empowered.
      To God be the glory.
      We are beginning to work on something called.
      Get God. Get Real. Get Going.
      Let me know if you want to learn anything more about this – !

      • This made me think…this is more than a journey…it’s a transformation in the way I live on a daily basis. Post it notes will become the new art on my bedroom walls!

        I would love to hear about Get God. Get Real. Get Going.

        • Yes – !
          For whatever reason, when I hear from you, I don’t get an email?
          Would you mind emailing me?


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