A Well-Rested New Year

By Michelle Hoffschneider

As we say goodbye to the challenges of the past year, it’s time to pause, reflect, and start the New Year rejuvenated. At RHRW we truly understand the significance of both work and rest. When we operate from a place of rest, it fuels our work in the most remarkable way.

In the daily demands of everyday life, we often forget to pause and reflect on our journey. Take a moment to reflect upon this question: What are three key lessons you’ve learned from the past year?
It could be a personal revelation or a professional insight.

Write it down.

Share it with a loved one.

Release it into the world to open doors for new insights to come in.

Then take a moment to envision what you truly want for the year ahead. Ask yourself, “What is one thing that I truly want to achieve in 2024?”

We understand life happens but don’t let that hinder you from achieving your aspirations.  When we prioritize refilling our own buckets we are then better equipped to pour ourselves into others. So how can you make 2024 a well-rested year?

At RHRW we believe in the power of sharing. When we do so we can inspire others in our community to embark on a transformative journey. Everyone has a story to tell, and we would love to hear yours. Whether it’s a heartwarming story, a profound experience, or a remarkable achievement, let your story shine starting 2024 in celebration!


If you and your loved ones practice end of year giving and would like to make a gift to Run Hard. Rest Well.®, you still can! We are just $4,000 away from reaching our end of year goal of $25,000. So far, through our generous supporters, we have raised $21,000!

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Our God provides rejuvenating rest to empower us all to run our race with joy, help us share this empowering message!



Brenda Jank and the Run Hard. Rest Well. team are thought leaders in the arena of Restorative Wellness. Find additional resources at www.RunHardRestWell.org. Contact us at: Brenda@runhardrestwell.org

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  1. Hi, Michelle. What do I want to accomplish in 2024?  I want to get organized, so my days are more orderly.  I’m tired of spinning my wheels and accomplishing nothing.


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