A Wedding and a Funeral

To prioritize rhythm in 2016 requires a funeral and a wedding.

The Funeral 

We need to decapitate the faulty beliefs that chain our soul to the moral superiority of overload.

The Wedding

We need to step into Creation’s Covenant where God set rhythm into motion.

Work rest rythmIn creation, God called the specifics of his creation good and very good, but he chose to call only one thing holy.

. . .so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.  And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy. . . Genesis 2:2b-3a

Set apart.  Sacred.  Divine by design.

Work.  Rest.  Rhythm.

Will it be ours this year?

Lord, let it be.  Let it be!

  • What destructive beliefs need to be buried?
  • What aspects of “creation’s covenant” am I willing to re-explore and make my own?
  • Daunting work? The first step and every step thereafter, must be taken on our knees.

First time here?

3 thoughts on “A Wedding and a Funeral”

    • Judi – It is indeed the first step and must undergird every one thereafter.
      We are a work in progress and He is so good to hear our every cry, moan, whisper and shout of celebration.

  1. I am so grateful to God for His constant Presence. I love all the affirmation He gives me. They are there to replace the lies I’ve been told by the world. Yes, a wedding and a funeral. The wedding….God’s truth. The funeral…the lies I’ve believed. Until the lies are utterly destroyed, the Truths have no place to grow. I am so grateful to God. Thank you for the reminders that we can’t serve two masters.


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