A Rest That Works – An Online Event

By Brenda Jank

A Rest That Works
Friday, December 4
8:00 to 9:00 AM – EASTERN Time – Online

Covid-19 is a bucket draining time for leaders, yet it is full of opportunity. Is your team tired? Do they know how to refuel and recharge? Teach them how, lead the way, and do it together. Equip your team to sharpen their saws and keep their buckets full. Simple and strategic, Restorative Wellness empowers staff to navigate seasons of crisis and recovery by creating a pace and plan that is strategic, transformative, and sustainable. The global turmoil threatening to take us under reminds us that only one thing will make us battle ready. Our souls must be at rest. Restorative Wellness equips us to value our need for restorative activities that include intentional stops and bucket filling practices. Compelling and practical, A Rest That Works is breathing life into weary teams coast to coast, in-person and online. To learn more, visit www.RunHardRestWell.org

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