In the name of love

winter fenceNo matter our personality, our upbringing or our recent history we can’t be taken hostage by the demands of this world or even its most desperate needs.

We must refuse the chains of guilt and do that which the Father directs.


We must learn to listen and learn to listen well.

It is the only way to navigate this world as his.

Self-navigation may bear some fruit for the Kingdom, but for the harvest to abound, we must know the Shepherd’s voice and follow his lead.  We may feel a sense of disappointment, but it will release the feeling of failure from our lives.

In this and through this kind of attention to prayer, we are given a set of marching orders infused with a power and a peace not of this world.

In the name of love, let’s learn to listen.

To finish our New Year launch, starting next week we are going to revisit a series of five blog posts from May 2013 on the power of prayer.


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15 thoughts on “In the name of love”

  1. My heart has been crying out to hear God’s voice. Yes, He’s been telling me not to hide and has shown me a few things, but to really hear. I need to hear the things He speaks. Maybe I don’t do with them what I need to do. I don’t know, but I would really love to just sit with Him and hear Him say he loves me. He’s teaching and leading, but it would really like to hear He accepts me. It hurts feeling like you’ll never be able to get it right. I know what the Bible says about me, but what does my Father think of me?

  2. Onward! yes, onward and upwards towards Him. Nearly four years ago, I found myself typing a letter to the Lord, pleading for a job where I fit in, a job that I could call home. In the spring I got a call from my current employer. 6 months following I was promoted into shoes. Yikes after 6 years of working in shoes, I was going back to shoes. But I felt him telling me it is where I belong.

    I met my assistant Marcia, she became my friend. This past June, my vacation onward to Pittsburgh to walk down the aisle in the presence of my mother to obtain my bachelors degree on June 14th. June 12th, Marcia had a heart attack at work, it was my daughter’s birthday; I was home. Sadness and hope. I had to travel. Marcia moved to West Seneca, my hometown. I took her grocery shopping; still my friend. December 5th, Marcia went home to be with Jesus; Joy. The shoe department: hollow, empty, lonely. “Lord please take me to a place I can call home on this earth.” But still I felt him saying you’re working at the place your are supposed to be working at.

    Over the past four years I have been praying to our heavenly father, “Lord take me home, let me feel at home.” Today at work, I found out I was going home, rather being moved to the home department. Change, yes change is good. I laughed, prayer answered; “I am going home.” God is good! My shoe girls are happy for me, the home team is awaiting me with kindness. It’s peaceful, my work family is not riled. Onward to the new journey. Who can I pray for? Retail hours are not ideal, but I do sure meet a lot of people who need prayers. And that is joyous knowing there are so many people willing to receive prayers when they are kindly asked. Onward, upward, closer to Him.

      • Thank you Brenda for allowing me to share your thoughts. The Lord has blessed me with a talent for writing. I am thankful that sometimes, just sometimes, he allows me to use it to glorify Him.

      • Betty, ditto! I was thinking that when I read your words too. I enjoy when the new posts come out. I know we may be far away in distance, but there are others out there on their knees with me. It’s comforting. We are on a journey with friends.

        • I have been sensing a “sending” of people called out to people. No longer comfortable in their Sunday stagnation, but taking Sunday, getting fed and going out to feed others. Now is the time to love. God does that across cities lines, state lines, cultural lines, denominational line….now is the time to be Christ with skin on to others. That’s what you are. That is what Brenda is. And maybe even me.

  3. Of course you, you are on that frig with me and with so many. Amen, Amen, You have just made my day, And now for me I need to rest, big day tomorrow. And if you ever find yourself in a place where you just want to write, or need some prayers sent out, feel free to email me: Have a blessed week.

      • I was just thinking yesterday how God has blessed me with people to love and people who love me all over the world…and all thanks to you, Ms. Brenda. Thank you…love to Josh.

      • Praise be! We touched on this in our bible study today how the Lord increases our families from near to far. It is wonderful being right where I am, knowing the Lord is with me, with my family.


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