A Rest That Works

Trading Fatigue for Freedom

This brilliant, 12-part video series (each video 4-6 minutes long) demolishes the lies we believe about work, rest, and rhythm – and establishes an unshakeable foundation for passion, pace, and purpose. Geared for personal and small group use, the free study guide creates reflection and conversations that breathe life into our weary souls.

Are you tired? Is your team running on empty? Explore the roots of Restorative Wellness that give us the wings to rise above overload and exhaustion through four restorative, God-ordained rhythms: Sabbath, Sleep, Stillness, and Solitude. Join people worldwide on a life changing expedition of learning how to run hard and rest well – together.

What’s Included?

  • Twelve 4-6 minute videos
  • Video Journey (series overview as PDF)
  • Permission to share with seven others
  • Lifetime access to the video series
  • Deep dive study guide