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Meet Our Team

Brenda Jank, Founder and CEO


As a catalyst for personal and organizational change, Brenda is high energy and story driven, equipping leaders to explore transformative rhythms of work and rest for themselves, and those they lead, love, and serve. Founder of the nonprofit Run Hard. Rest Well., Brenda speaks from coast to coast and is a thought leader in the arena of Restorative Wellness. Outnumbered and outwitted, Brenda and her husband, Tim, lay claim to five of the finest, feistiest children ever assembled under one roof.  They live in northeast Indiana where Tim has been the Executive Director of Camp Lutherhaven for 27 years.

Stacey J. Dumbacher, Director of Community Engagement


Zealous to continue her journey learning how to run hard and rest well, Stacey brings 25 years of experience managing programs and equipping individuals to the full-time RHRW staff. Stacey’s storytelling expertise and passion help RHRW develop programs that cultivate new life within leaders who are running hard. Stacey connects and supports leaders in Indiana involved in business, education, ministry, and nonprofit work. She and her husband, Bill, two daughters and a bonus daughter, call Columbia City home. Stacey is on the Youth Ministry Leadership Team at Broadway Christian Church and is a member of the Junior Achievement Board of Directors in Whitley County.

Alicia Hill, Director of Strategic Advancement


With a zest for living life to the fullest, Alicia delights inviting others to apply the message of Run Hard Rest Well restorative rhythm of wellness into their own life journey. Alicia has spent her career in leadership roles strategically implementing best practices to those she overseen in the medical, educational, nonprofit and ministry field. Recognizing her driven type “A” personality, Alicia attended a RHRW event where the transformative message propelled her into working towards her own Restorative Wellness. After continuing to hear tales of long hours, overextending commitments and lack of restful downtime, Alicia enthusiastically joined the RHRW leadership team to share their message. Her key role is to network opportunities of sharing the vision of RHRW so others can implement the restorative wellness strategies and encourage supporting RHRW across NE Indiana and beyond both with individuals and organizations to help them thrive and not strive in their day to day personal and professional positions. She looks forward to connecting with YOU!

Michelle Hoffschneider, Graphic Designer


Michelle is responsible for all design and marketing support at Run Hard. Rest Well. She had the privilege to implement the message of Restorative Wellness into her daily rhythms at an early age, making a lifetime impact on her professional and personal life. As a personable and intuitive individual, Michelle enjoys creatively expressing herself and building relationships with others. She values the importance of working as part of a team, learning from others, and equipping individuals for success. Her passion for aesthetics and team development combined with the Run Hard. Rest Well. Restorative Wellness message is a perfect fit for this young professional.

We have a wonderful team of speakers available to walk you through establishing your rhythm of work and rest. Contact us to request a speaker.

Nate Lowe, Presenter

With a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and 23 years as a teacher, coach, and administrator, Nate is a master at running hard and is learning the art of resting well. RHRW has been a life-restoring journey for him, his wife, and 3 children over the last 6 years. Nate is now the Chair of School Administration Programs at Indiana Wesleyan University. He also sits on the board of World Gospel Mission and Noble Educational Initiatives. Nate brings humor and an interactive teaching style to his retreats and workshops. His working knowledge of both public and private school culture, church leadership dynamics, and the non-profit ministry world position him to work with groups and leadership teams in ways that are engaging and practical.

Laura PoundsExecutive Assistant
Nate Lowe, PhD Board President
Joshua Vandercar Web Designer & Developer
Michelle HoffschneiderGraphic Design

Run Hard. Rest Well.® (RHRW), founded in 2008 and supported by a team of experts, spotlights a new way of life. We educate and advocate on the vital importance of rest. We equip people to embrace a pace and passion for work and rest that is transformative and sustainable.