Brenda Jank

On the Home Front

My journey into the rhythms of restoration began when I was single, took off during the first years of our marriage, was derailed as a mom with three in diapers, then became firmly established as we moved from life with toddlers into a life with teenagers. I live a very ordinary life with an extremely extraordinary God. As a mom of children with significant medical-needs and other special-needs, our life is routinely unpredictable. Through it, despite it and because of it, we are refined by fire and held tight in the grip of grace. Our children are the reason I am committed to intentional rhythms of rest. I would not be here without these rhythms—and either would they.

Tell Me More

I wear a hundred hats, but have a single passion.

I have a hundred kids, well…five, but it feels like a hundred. They are the possibly the finest, feistiest group of kids the Lord every assembled under one roof. We know the joys of adoption. All of our children grew within my heart, some grew beneath it.

I share my life with a remarkable man. God was up to something very good when he put Tim in my life. We are a perfect match of opposites and God grows us at every turn. Tim has been the Executive Director of Camp Lutherhaven (Indiana), the beautiful place we call home, since 1993.

I feed my outside birds every day. Seed. Suet. Thistle. Nectar and grape jelly (when it’s warm). The birds are happy and the squirrels are fat. My children accuse me, at times, of feeding my feathered friends more consistantly then I feed them. A cook I am not.

I collect rocks—rocks that look like hearts. Most are broken hearts. It’s something I relate to.

I love the sky. Clouds top my list. One of these days I will become an official member of the Cloud Appreciation Society. For now, I enjoy their website…and gazing at the sky!

I read about a dozen books at a time. It’s a slow, delightful go.

I don’t cook on Sundays, but we enjoy roasting mini-marshmallows with toothpicks over candles. Does that count?

I have a self-declared, honorary medical degree.

I am grateful for second chances.

I am not a housekeeper. A visit to my home will dispel any false rumor.

I love, serve and seek to make known the God of all creation, the One who knows my name—and yours.

To My Dearest Loves…Written in 2013

  • Noah (12), my hero – When I look at you, I see a level of courage few have ever had need to acquire. I see one whose heart is in love with Jesus. You know how to make a difference in the lives of those around you. I have a font row seat and watch in joy every day. I love you, Noah. Never forget you are my hero.
  • Anna (14), my love – My heart swells with joy at the love and laughter we share. You are a gift! Your creativity captures me and draws me into a world you’re teaching me to enjoy and discover. Your love touches the people of this world, one precious life at a time. I love you, Anna. Never forget you are my love.
  • Joseph (16), my champion. I am a better person because of you. You redefine the words stamina and strength through a degree of physical pain few will ever encounter. You are a powerhouse of wisdom and goodness. Your light shines steady and bright. I love you, Joseph. Never forget you are my champion.
  • Sam (18), my rock – You are strong, stronger than most even know. Tender. Generous. Deep. Committed to what matters. You have endured more than most will ever know and it has forged within you a heart and gifts that will change this world. I love you, Samuel. Never forget you are my rock.
  • Josh (19), my gift – I will never forget the moment you made me a mom. I’m routinely touched by the depth of your compassion, creativity and endurance for the long-haul. I have shared life with you, as with few others. Doctors say your days are numbered. They have not consulted you or God. When you landed in Hospice Care in August 2013, we prayed that God would be glorified. You are far from perfect, my love, but God is using your love through little red diamonds to give hope to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Each day, each and every day, is a gift beyond words. I love you, Joshua. Never forget you are my gift.
  • Tim, my treasure – Tim, you are a crowning gift of goodness in my life, a supreme act of our Father’s love for me. May I be to you, a portion of who you are to me. I love you, Tim. Never forget you are my treasure.
  • Jesus, my Lord and King, my all in all – Jesus, there are no words, only fast falling tears for all of who you are.