Run the Race for Camps & Retreat Centers

The emotional reserves of students are running low, yet they have a race to run—and a race to win. Do your campers know how to capitalize on simple practices that refuel, recharge, and point them to Jesus? What about your summer staff? Teach them how, lead the way, and do it together. The Run the Race video series equips campers of all ages to refuel and recharge in ways they can own. This 6-session, easy to implement, fun to use, program includes simple, yet powerful hands-on activities and session handouts designed to nurture faith, foster resiliency, create meaningful connection, and position students to thrive. For great flexibility, each session can be presented in 30 to 60 minutes, utilizing the 10-15 minute videos.

The Video Series

  • Session 1: The Power of Pit Stops
  • Session 2: Create Connection
  • Session 3: Reduce Cortisol
  • Session 4: Hit Pause
  • Session 5: Prioritize Sleep
  • Session 6: Pit Stops for Life

Ideal For…

  • Teen summer camp programs
  • Summer staff training
  • Weekend retreats
  • Teen conferences

Distinctive Features

  • God-honoring, evidence-informed exploration of Restorative Wellness
  • Story-driven, highlighting interviews with a diverse and delightful group of 22 teens
  • 1-page student handouts (optional) and leader support
  • Permission to distribute video links to parents via email or text
  • Spanish and English subtitles available


  • $149 or $1.00 per participating students (whichever is greater)

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