Guided One-Day Retreat

Plan a One-Day Retreat for Your Small Group

This 32-page, reproducible guide was first published by Christianity Today. It is an ideal guide to personal retreat for people hungry for the presence of God, but it also equip leaders to introduce their people to quiet time off the beaten path. It includes articles, a pre-retreat Bible study, and all you need to offer a one-day retreat. Powerful. Refreshing. Transformative.

What’s Included?

  • A letter to leaders
  • The article, Alone with the One Who Knows Your Name
  • Pre-retreat Bible study
  • Retreat guide (incl. opening devotion, participant guide to personal retreat, closing devotion & reflective Bible study)
  • Permission to copy and distribute to others

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Over time I began to take note of two specific gifts that emerge from private encounters with the Lord: stillness and rest. Stillness offers me the distinct beauty of hearing God whisper my name, as only he can do it. Rest is a gift we seek to defiantly live without and our empty hearts and threadbare joy bares testimony of this glaring reality.

The words quiet, alone, and undistracted do not describe the vast majority of my waking hours. It is in this mixture, however, that God often makes himself known. God shouts to us through the glories of his creation, but when calling my name, he speaks with a quiet, still voice. 

Retreat Guide, page 4

Come. Slip away to a quiet getaway place. Bring your team, your small group, or your friends. You will never be the same