FWCS 2024 Initiative – Making Wellness Work


  • Introduce the Administration Team to A Rest That Works and Take Ten 
  • Introduce NEW teachers to Restorative Wellness  
  • Retreats will be offered during school breaks to breathe life and rekindle passion 
  • Introduce students to Run the Race Note: Region 8 suggests that every teacher who engages his/her class in Run the Race is eligible for 3 PGP. 


  • Training Session #1 – January 31
  • Personal and Cohort Training  – February 1 to 27
  • Training Implementation Session #2 – February 28
  • Individual Zoom Cohort “Q & A” with Stacey to prep for launch – Week of March 4
  • Collective Zoom Meeting (optional) for interested Presenters – April
  • Individual Zoom Cohort  with Stacey to evaluate the initiative and the training  – May


Cohort Meeting: Week of February 5  – Reading #1

Cohort Meeting: Week of February 5 – 45-Minute Video.

Cohort Meeting: Week of February 12- Reading # 2

Cohort Meeting: Week of February 19 – Reading #3


Click here to take the Pre-Inventory.

Click here to take the Mid-Inventory.

Click here to take the Post-Inventory.

Let the journey begin! Congratulations on successfully completing your training to become a presenter of the empowering message of Restorative Wellness. Enclosed below, you will discover the essential resources to share with your fellow cohort members. Should you encounter any issues or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Stacey@runhardrestwell.org.

A Rest That Works – Presentations

These presentations are thoughtfully divided into three 30-minute sessions, designed to captivate and maximize your viewers learning experience.

These presentations were created in Google Slides, click the buttons below to personalize your own copy.

A Rest That Works – Handouts

A Rest That Works – Resources