Catch Your Breath

Learning to Thrive During Covid Crisis, Comeback, and Recovery

Families with children and adults with disabilities shoulder unique challenges that can require more time, energy and creativity. Restorative Wellness offers practical help, hope, and a hearty dose of humor. Simple and strategic, Restorative Wellness empowers parents and caregivers to navigate seasons of crisis by creating a pace and plan that is strategic, transformative, and sustainable. It equips us to value our need for restorative activities that only take minutes and bucket filling practices that bring back the joy. Learn more about the presenter and AWS funding for this event below.

Would you like to participate but the time/date does not work for you? Please email and request a recording of Catch Your Breath. Please include your name, email, and what agency serves your child.

Webinar: Catch Your Breath


January 13, 2021 (12:00 – 1:00 PM)


  • 45-minute seminar
  • 15-minute Q and A
  • It will be recorded
  • Recorded seminars will be available to review after the seminar

Speaker: Brenda Jank

Brenda is the mother of five of the finest, feisty children every assembled under one roof. Four (now ages 20-26) have significant disabilities. Have you felt like throwing in the towel? You’re not alone! I would have thrown mine in a long time ago, but I could never find a clean one.

Familiar with life in the trenches, Brenda has slowly learned the art and heart of resting well amidst the nonstop roadblocks and obstacles. Why? Our kids need more, yet give more than the world will ever know. To meet the challenge, we need ways to compassionately and realistically honor our needs for restoration. Brenda shares what she has learned with others through the nonprofit organization Run Hard. Rest Well.

Catch Your Breath is made possible with funding from AWS Foundation.

Think differently about disabilities.