Teachers and Students

Helping Students Navigate the Unknown and Win

A Six-Session Video Program for 6-12th Grade Students

The emotional reserves of students are running low, yet they have a race to run—and a race to win. Do your teens know how to capitalize on simple practices that refuel and recharge? Teach them how, lead the way, and do it together. Navigating seasons of crisis, comeback, and recovery requires the ability to cultivate connections, recognize the impact of stress, and reduce cortisol overload. These strategies help students combat anxiety, restlessness, and depression and position people of every age to flourish. Run the Race equips 6th to 12th graders to refuel and recharge in ways they can own. This Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program includes simple, yet powerful hands-on activities and session handouts designed to foster resiliency, create meaningful connection among peers, and position students to thrive.

Programming Available to both…

  • Public Schools and Community Organizations
  • Faith-based Organizations

Special 2021-20221 Covid-Comeback Pricing

  • Public Schools $500 or $1.00 per student, whichever is higher
  • Organizations $149 or $1.00 per students, whichever is higher

Scholarships available

Available for purchase soon.

For professional development for educators and 9-month wellness initiatives visit

Distinct Features

  • Introduces students (6th-12th grade) to evidence-informed Restorative Wellness
  • Special “Covid-Comeback” Pricing for entire student body impact
  • 3-Track Initiative – impacting students, teachers, and parents
  • Student handouts for each session, which include thought provoking questions and opportunities to set individual goals
  • Parent letter, which includes engaging questions for their teen, and video links to view the program  
  • SEL focused – outcome driven. Indiana SEL Competencies include:
  • Insight, Connection, Critical Thinking, Regulation, and Sensory Motor Integration
  • Run the Race can be used in the classroom and for remote learners
  • Indiana Teachers can receive 3 Professional Growth Points (CEUs) when used in their classroom
  • The Teacher’s Guide paves the way for easy implementation
  • Designed and priced to impact entire student body in 2021 – 2022

Outcome Objectives

Students will explore:

  • Creating Connection
  • Reducing Cortisol
  • Hitting Pause
  • Prioritizing Sleep

What is included?

  • Six videos
  • Student handout for each session
  • Introduction letter for teachers
  • Leader’s guide
  • Parent letter with embedded video link
  • Support for Run Hard. Rest Well.

Educators’ Feedback

The faces of my students say it all. Most are weary and some are fighting despair. Run the Race offers hope. It reminds students that they are not alone and offers a wellness mindset that makes a difference, a way of doing life that is within their reach. This is the SEL program I’ve been looking for. Simple and powerful, it was a life-giving message for my students—and for me. I plan to use it every year.  

High School Teacher

Run the Race was a great introduction to rest for our 7-8th middle school students. The series did a great job of engaging our teens with this utterly important and potentially life-saving content. I highly recommend it in the school setting.

Middle School Administrator

Students’ Feedback

Why is this not being taught?!

Surpassed my expectations

Great. Empowering.

Freeing. Valuable. Needed.

I learned why sleep is so important.

Deep breathing can really calm you.

I learned I need to take breaks and evaluate myself.