12-Part Video Series

A Rest That Works: Trade Fatigue for Freedom

Session 1: Run Hard. Rest Well.

Are you tired? Is your team running on empty? Explore the roots of Restorative Wellness that give us the wings to rise above overload and exhaustion through four restorative, God-ordained rhythms: Sabbath, Sleep, Stillness, and Solitude. Join people worldwide on a life changing expedition of learning how to run hard and rest well – together.

Three purchasing options:
Personal Use: $19
Small Group Use: $69
Organizational Distribution: please contact us.

This resource

  • Encourages and empowers individuals toward lasting change.
  • Equips leaders to introduce their people to Restorative Wellness. 
  • Each 4-6 minute video clip offers strategic tools to help people run with passion and rest with purpose and ends with a reflective question to cultivate connection and conversation. 

This inspiring series lays a foundation for cultural change through

  • Staff development opportunities for in person or at-home use
  • Congregational distribution
  • Team leadership meetings in person or on-line
  • Small group Bible studies
  • Individual Use

Our special 2020-2021 initiative includes

  • The Video Series
  • The Video Journey (with a $69 purchase) – is a PDF with 12, embedded video links. With this PDF you have permission to send the video series on to 7 people or family units (or) each link can be sent out, one at a time, as needed. This option is great for Small Groups and as a creative gift opportunity for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or as a Thank You for those on the Front Line. If you would like to distribute to more than 7 people, please contact brenda@runhardrestwell.org for more information on how to do so in a creative and cost-effective manner.
  • The Study Guide – a personal or small group resource for a deep dive into the content.

pre-Covid19 price was $149