A 20/20 Vision for Covid-19 and Beyond

As subject matter experts in the arena of Restorative Wellness, RHRW helps people and organizations catch a vision for Bucket Theory 101. You can’t give what you don’t have.  

A Rest That Works for the Rest of Our Lives

Equip Your Church

The overload and anguish of Covid-19 creates an unparalleled opportunity for people to explore God’s design for work, rest and rhythm. During this time of unrest, fear, and isolation, Restorative Wellness equips people to prioritize bucket-filling practices that are simple, strategic, and transformative. 

Equip Your Staff

Ideal for staff development, empower your team to embrace a pace and passion for work and rest that feeds their soul, refills empty buckets, and will prepare them for the hard work of rebuilding that lies ahead.

  • Create a staff mandate for personal exploration of Restorative Wellness
  • Weave training and conversations into on-line staff meetings or phone calls

Equipping Opportunities

  1. Vantage Point: A New View of Rest, Rhythm, and the Work of God can be ordered on Amazon and used over the next six weeks for personal use, small groups, or staff development. The print version is $6.99 (reduced by 50%) ; Kindle only $1.99. Bulk orders can be placed here.
  2. Access our new video series: A Rest That Works – Trade Fatigue for Freedom. Each of the 12 videos is 4-6 minutes in length and ends with a thought provoking question. Individual links can be sent to church members, leadership teams, or staff members. An in-depth study guide is included for those who want a deeper dive. This package, scheduled to be sold for $149, is being offered for $49 and includes: The videos, the Study Guide, permission to distribute to your staff, members, or clients, and the Journey Guide – a pdf doc including short email messages with embedded video links for easy distribution. Click here to purchase or learn more.

Note: Workplace Wellness Resources are in the works. Please contact us if you would like to be notified when they are ready.

Flourishing Families, Thriving People

No matter how healthy or dysfunctional, family is the first place we are loved and the first place we are wounded. Covid-19 is bringing families back home—for meals, evenings, weekends, and 24/7 togetherness. Others of us are isolated, home alone day after day. These new realities create an opportunity to build practices into our lives that bring the best out of all of us. How do we avoid dark places of despair? How to we maximize the love and minimize the wounding? In a world that is draining our bucket dry, attention must be given to bucket-filling priorities. For life, liberty, and the pursuit of sanity, sign up for short, weekly articles and how-to resources to use and share. Sign up for blog updates in the footer below.



5 Alive to Thrive 

As a family, we have posted on our refrigerator these new, daily, marching orders: Practice kindness. Create connection. Cultivate quiet. Be creative. Get outside.

One Million Miracles

Everyday acts of kindness transform neighborhoods and communities. Despite social distancing, Covid-19 is highlighting the power of connection. Inspire your people to creatively make a difference in the lives of others every day. As you hear stories, use this photo to share highlights of love-in-action. As we pray for One Million Miracles for this Front Line Fight, are your people Battle Ready?