Run the Race (Public)

Helping Students and Teachers Navigate the Unknown – and Win!

What’s Included?

  • Six 30-minute sessions 
  • Eight 5-minute follow up session with optional 5-10 minute activities
  • Your subscription will give you one year of access to the video series
  • Permission to distribute to parents

Covid-19 is a bucket draining time. Do students know how to capitalize on simple practices that refuel and recharge? Do teachers? Teach them how. Lead the way. Do it together.

Successfully navigating crisis, comeback, and recovery requires the ability to reduce cortisol overload and cultivate connection in ways that are personally meaningful. Students (6-12th grade) will be introduced to evidence-informed Restorative Wellness. The 3-track initiative will impact students, teachers, and parents.

This video series equips teens to refuel and recharge in ways they can own. Simple, strategic, and fun, this series is ideal for in-person and on-line use and will include hands-on activities and group building. It is designed for students in public schools. For faith-based programming, see this companion series.