Breathe! Strategic Wellness for Today’s Teachers

We can’t give what we don’t have.

Refilling our bucket changes the game.

Breathe! Strategic Wellness for Today’s Teachers adds value and energy to the lives of educators by equipping them to navigate 24/7 and the high demands of teaching with joy, passion, and sustainability. Recognizing the whirlwind of the classroom, state mandates, and high-needs children and teens, we empower school staff to rewrite their story of chronic overload and exhaustion by creating a transformational culture of work, rest, and rhythm. With a singular passion for educational excellence, Breathe! arms administrators and their staff with low-cost, high-yield strategies for real-life, 21st century wellness.

How Do We Start?

Step One

Choose a staff event that works for your team. Creating a culture of staff vitality begins with a shared experience.

  • Most leaders choose a ½-day retreat for their team at their own facility or at a location of their choosing. This option includes the retreat, book, and 6-months of support for each staff member.
    • For a custom retreat for your staff or team (5 to 500 people), contact us. Information found in Step Two.
    • For those who can travel to northeast Indiana, consider one of our cost-effective community retreats. For information about dates, location, and cost, click here.
  • Some leaders begin with a 2-hour introductory seminar for their team. This option includes the seminar only. Books can be purchased separately at a reduced fee.
  • Some leaders choose a full-day or over-night retreat to best serve their goals for staff vitality. This option includes the retreat, book, and 6-months of support for each staff member.

The impact and results of Breathe! Strategic Wellness for Today’s Teachers are impressive. They coincide with Gallup Research on staff wellness. Click here to uncover what Gallup has discovered.

Step Two

Contact us for additional information and prices.

  • Email Brenda at
  • Give us a call at 260.239.1297
  • For those within traveling distance of Ft. Wayne, IN, click here for dates and fees for price-saving ½-day retreat options for individual leaders and/or their entire staff.

One of the most valuable tools leaders today can give their team is learning how to rest well – together.  This ability does not come naturally in our fast-paced society.  Revolutionizing the way we work, rest and live will not happen without an intentional championing of rest by leaders who are committed to bring out the very best in those they lead, for the sake of those they serve.